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    Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: Was it inappropriate for children to read?

    With Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark being released as a feature film, I think it would be a good idea to explore the original source material and why it was so infamous. Specifically, whether or not the book series was too inappropriate for young readers to delve into given the books’ stories and controversial illustrations.


      Is the end of owning films on DVD fast-approaching?

      With the rise of digital retail services like the recent "Movies Anywhere," is the age of owning films in physical formats coming to an end sooner than expected? With services like iTunes and Vudu, no one needs to buy a film in a store like Best Buy anymore. Is it for the best? Does owning a DVD or Blu-ray come with benefits, or is it now unnecessary?

      • Ah, verrrry interesting. I have a DVD collection of movies I consider favorites, but now that Netflix, DVR, and etc. exist, I definitely don't watch them as much as I used to and maybe should. For a topic like this, I think you'd have to think carefully about the upsides of owning a film. For instance, is it just the idea of ownership that makes us shell out hard-earned cash, or is there something else to it? – Stephanie M. 6 years ago
      • I have also often pondered this question. One of my favourite weekly activities used to be visiting my local Blockbuster. I now fear that we live in an era of over saturation; there are too many choices when I browse my Netflix account. I don't feel the same commitment to watch something that I once felt when I paid a rental fee (and held the tangible product). For this topic, it might be interesting to revisit the time before home video. Perhaps people felt similarly when home video first came into existence and filmgoers were no longer forced to exclusively watch movies in a cinema. – bcurran 6 years ago
      • We feel special affinity towards certain titles which may resonate with us deeply and thus, wish to associate with it in a tangible form. However, it is true that with leaks and videos available everywhere, there is less incentive for people to buy DVDs just to see the extra content being offered in terms of bloopers, cut scenes and behind the scenes interviews or alternate endings. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 4 years ago

      Will cable TV die in the next 10 or more years?

      With the advent of online streaming services, is the television platform nearing its end? If so, how much longer can the platform last? If this topic was picked, the writer could research evidence leading to the conclusion that TV will die out soon or if it still has many years left to go.

      • I think that is a very strong possibility. – AGMacdonald 7 years ago
      • There's been speculation that this could happen--but only if there are not so many competitors for streaming. With Twitter and Facebook livestreams, each channel (and Disney) getting their "go" on, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix completing with content, and so on, customers may be disgusted and just pirate, or have large groups to share the services. – IndiLeigh 7 years ago
      • With the death of television I'm seeing an emergence of broadcast streams. The appeal of tv for the older generations was in part that they don't have to think about or choose what they're watching-- Just put on your favourite channel and sit down. Reruns are fine, and it's a god way to get introduced to movies they might have otherwise not given a chance. I can see specific tv channels turning into company hosted streams, perfect for mindless entertainment when you don't feel like paying attention. – Slaidey 6 years ago

      Has 4K Blu-Ray arrived at the wrong time?

      With online services like iTunes and Vudu offering consumers the chance to buy movies and TV shows digitally, has the relatively new 4K Blu-Ray arrived at the wrong time? How much longer will DVD formats in general last?

      • It may be worthwhile to look into media history comparing Blockbuster and Netflix to see how they adapting to changing consumer trends in the same DVD and streaming challenge. – Munjeera 7 years ago
      • Good topic. In my opinion I don't think DVD will die, maybe it will evolve more and more but never completely die. Some people love to have their own physical copy. Just like people collection toys, cards, decors, some people collect physical copies of their favorite movies. As an example, look how vinyls have done a huge comeback, and all because people love to have a collection of them, even if there are services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple music and more. Actually, digital music has been around for quite a while, but physical copies still sell. – Andres Tovar 6 years ago

      Are comic book events becoming mainstream?

      For years, both Marvel and DC Comics have been publishing annual comic book event series that promise big stakes in order to generate revenue. However, this trend is becoming too common and these events can be hits or misses. This article would examine the pros and cons of comic book event series and detail examples that have been praised or reviled by readers.


        Comic book artists putting in hidden meanings in comics

        Recently, X-Men Gold #1 was criticized for how it had hidden religious, political meanings in the art. The artist responsible was fired because of it. This article would examine other comic book artists who faced a similar situation and the consequences of their actions.


          Graphic Novels that have powerful themes

          It would be enticing to examine graphic novels that explore very powerful themes. "V for Vendetta" is a story that explores totalitarianism. These books could have important meanings that could potentially apply to the real world. These powerful themes can be based of off real-world problems such as government corruption. Whoever writes this can choose any graphic novel or comic book series they feel is relevant to today’s world.

          • There are so many graphic novels you could talk about, I'd recommend bringing some more focus to your topic. – SeanGadus 7 years ago
          • I'm interested in writing on this, but I do agree with the revision note. Are you wanting the author to bring in works of their own choosing? Are you wanting a specific theme about power? – Matt Sautman 7 years ago
          • Can you explain what you mean by "powerful themes?" – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
          • I agree with the revision notes posted so far. While I definitely approve of this topic, I think elucidating a few more details would be helpful for prospective writers. Please expand. – Vishnu Unnithan 7 years ago
          • This would be such a cool topic, but it's more of a massive concept than a single topic that a single piece can be written on. Even within some single graphic novels, there is tons of material to explore. What exactly do you mean by "powerful themes"? Things that are more political, moral questions, a discussion of sequential art as literature, ways in which the novels have affected the genre? – sk8knight 7 years ago
          • Whoever does end up writing on this, could you create a top ten list? It would be nice to get an overview of what is out there. – Munjeera 7 years ago
          • Please specify: 1) What you mean by "powerful themes", it could be anything. You can pull a theme from almost anything so what do you mean by "powerful" 2) Which or what kind of graphic novel are you talking about. There are many graphic novels about anything and everything. – RayOfSun 6 years ago

          Have annual games lost their luster?

          There could be an exploration into video game series that release new games every year. It can be an investigation into whether or not consumers are tired of annual releases and how game franchises can suffer because of annual releases. Assassin’s Creed is a perfect example because its games have either been hits with gamers or disasters such as Assassin’s Creed 3.

          • Another example could be the Kingdom Hearts series. It seems that game companies have gotten a bit comfortable with keeping gamers strung along with "filler" titles and their overall projects fall by the wayside. But, there are also games like Call of Duty that release every year and sell regardless of their poor ratings. This is an interesting topic to explore. – TreyHerron 7 years ago

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          Latest Comments

          Batman’s origin is iconic because he uses trauma to help inspire him to fight crime rather than in worse ways. He could have become a criminal but chose to be a hero instead.

          Why Has Batman's Origin Remained So Iconic?

          Dystopian literature has been very reflective of the problems society is facing today such as with the environment. Blade Runner is a perfect example as it shows a world where every natural resource has all but been exhausted and using replicants to show how that technology may become greater than humanity.

          What is the Purpose of Dystopian Literature?

          I think in this day and age, people are smarter about what they expect from video games, including a well-written story. Stories are becoming more and more important, as demonstrated by games like “The Last of Us.” Story is now more important than ever.

          Autism to Artistic Integrity: Do Video Games Need Good Plotting?

          To me, anime is one of the most influential forms of pop culture in the world. It can be hard and even painstaking at times to create a live-action film based on anime like the recent “Ghost in the Shell.” It is better to draw influence from anime rather than adapt them.

          Pacific Rim: In-depth study of the influence of Anime

          Villains I have always felt are an essential part of the story, no matter if it’s male or female. The MCU’s films have always struggled since “The Avengers” to give audiences villains with complex motivations. They are usually one-dimensional a majority of the time and audiences do not get much out of them.

          Modern Villainesses: The Complex Personalities and Motives

          It is interesting to think that something so or not so obscure could have a deeper meaning than one realizes.

          Illuminated Landscapes: The City in Blade Runner and Lost in Translation

          With writing, it can be hard to know when one is a good writer. There’s no right way to be a good writer. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

          Are Creative Writers Taught or Talented?

          These anime taught those who were watching them life lessons that can still be applied today.

          The anime gold rush in the early 21st century